CUNY Conference: Global Resistance in the Neoliberal University

As the Professional Staff Congress builds resistance at CUNY to the university of the Trump era (world-wide neofascism, more oppressive every day), we organize under the motto of the anti-slavery militant Henry Highland Garnet. This union conference aims to build international teacher solidarity. Speakers from teacher struggles in South Africa, India, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Turkey will join their stories to ours and work with us on common problems and radical possibilities. How can we resist adjunctification, privatization, the explosion of student debt, “austerity blues,” race and gender oppression, police repression, the growing drum beat of war and militarization? What Read More …

CUNY Rising

A CUNY Rising Town Hall at Brooklyn Borough Hall is scheduled for Tue. Nov 22, 6 pm. It’s in support of the CUNY student Bill of Rights, see below. The CUNY Rising Alliance includes dozens of community and labor groups listed on the flier below. What we’re seeking to do is name the crisis of chronic defunding, first of all, and give students, alumni, and faculty a platform to address its impact. From James Davis