RT 111: Teaching and Resistance in the Time of Trumpism

Edited by Sarah Chinn and Joseph Entin

The 2016 election of Donald Trump has brought with it a wave of dangerous, reactionary developments, including an emboldened white supremacy; brazen sexism; a belligerent foreign policy posture; an ever-more punitive stance on “law and order”; racist, xenophobic immigration and border policies; denial of scientifically-proven climate change; an augmented neoliberal, “business” approach to social problems; an assault on truth in favor of “alternative facts”; the elevation of hate and bigotry in public discourse and attitude; and more. While many were shocked by the election results, the Alt-Right, authoritarian forces and sharply regressive ideas that carried Trump into office have deep historic roots and broad support.

For many people, including the electoral majority who voted against Trump and those who are targeted by Trumpism, these are dark, distressing times. And yet, recent years have witnessed the rise of resistance movements—from Black Lives Matter and NoDAPL to the 2017 Women’s March on Washington (and affiliate marches around the country and the world) and nationwide demonstrations against the new administration’s bigoted immigration restrictions, among others. Left educators at all levels are active in the struggle, and have created networks to share pedagogical and activist strategies. This issue explores how progressive educators are teaching about, working within, and resisting Trumpism.


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