Radical Teacher, founded in 1975, is a socialist, feminist, and anti-racist journal dedicated to the theory and practice of teaching. It serves the community of educators who are working for democratic process, peace, and justice. The magazine examines the root causes of inequality and promotes progressive social change.

Radical Teacher publishes articles on classroom practices and curriculum, as well as on educational issues related to gender and sexuality, disability, culture, globalization, privatization, race, class, and other similar topics.

We welcome inquiries and ideas for articles, issues, or conferences from people actively engaged in progressive education. Radical Teacher is a peer-reviewed journal. Articles accepted for Radical Teacher go through a rigorous reading by the cluster editors, managing editor and a group of readers connected to the disciplinary focus of the article.

Visit our submit page for details on how to prepare your article for submission. As with submissions to all magazines, we recommend that you review past copies of Radical Teacher to ensure that your work will be well suited for this audience of engaged educators. To subscribe to the journal, please see our subscribe section and complete the brief registration form.

For general inquiries please contact Managing Editors, Sarah Chinn and Michael Bennett.

Spread the word about Radical Teacher and put up a flyer on your classroom bulletin board (Download PDF)

Editorial Board

  • Pamela Annas, University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Sophie Bell, St. John’s University
  • Michael Bennett, Long Island University, Brooklyn
  • C. Ray Borck, Borough of Manhattan Community College and Purchase College
  • Jacqueline Eileen Brady, Kingsborough Community College (CUNY)
  • Erica Cardwell, The New School
  • Sarah Chinn, Hunter College, CUNY
  • James Davis, Brooklyn College, CUNY
  • Linda Dittmar, University of Massachusetts–Boston, United States
  • Emily Drabinski, LIU Brooklyn
  • Kate Drabinski
  • Joseph Entin, Brooklyn College, CUNY
  • Marilyn Frankenstein, University of Massachusetts at Boston
  • Louis Kampf, MIT
  • Christopher Kennedy, The New School, New York
  • Paul Lauter, Trinity College, United States
  • Donald Lazere, United States
  • Susan Gushee O’Malley, City University of New York
  • Wayne O’Neil, MIT
  • Sarah T. Roberts, FIMS, Western University, Canada
  • Ellen Schrecker
  • Jesse W. Schwartz, LaGuardia Community College (CUNY)
  • Frances Maher, Wheaton College
  • Richard Ohmann, Wesleyan University
  • Erica Rand, United States
  • Bob Rosen, William Paterson University
  • Martha Vicinus, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Founding Members

  • Louis Kampf, MIT
  • Richard Ohmann, Wesleyan University
  • Saul Slapikoff, Tufts University, emeritus Radical Teacher Editorial Board
  • Dr. Susan Gushee O’Malley, City University of New York

In Memoriam

  • Leonard Vogt, LaGuardia Community College (CUNY)

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