Radical Teacher focuses on the “theory and practice of teaching” from a “socialist, feminist, and anti-racist” perspective. If you have an idea for a possible article within these guidelines, we encourage you to consult our Manuscript Editors to see whether it seems suitable for Radical Teacher and, if so, how it might best be developed. You may also submit a one-page proposal or choose to submit your manuscript without these preliminaries. All submissions will receive full review (see below) if they fit Radical Teacher’s editorial priorities and limits. We strongly recommend that authors familiarize themselves with the magazine before sending manuscripts.We critique articles for their engagement with our social and educational mission, their clarity and their usefulness to our readers. Correspondence, proposals, and manuscripts should be sent electronically using the manuscript submission tools online.

Our website includes announcements of forthcoming issues where a cluster of essays will focus on a specific topic. The review process for cluster articles is the same as for out-of-cluster submissions: if suitable, they will be forwarded to board members for review. For cluster articles, contributors correspond with the designated cluster editors (announced in the CFP) rather than the Manuscript Editors. Unlike “open call” manuscripts, which can be submitted any time, cluster CFPs have specific deadlines in order to meet publication schedule. Late submissions that miss a cluster deadline can nonetheless be forwarded to the general Manuscript Editors for consideration as Open Call submissions. If we end up publishing a second installment of the same cluster, late submissions may be forwarded again to the cluster editors.


1.Radical Teacher articles are typically 4,000 – 6,000 words though we consider shorter or longer submissions.

2.Submissions should be in a Word document format, double-spaced, pages numbered.

3.While Radical Teacher does not require a uniform citation style, submitted papers must be internally consistent in their use of their chosen citation style, be it APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.

4.Your submission should include a cover page with the author’s name, email address (affiliation etc. optional) and the essay’s title.

5.The body of the article should begin with a title page, but not include the author’s name or other identifying information. Consult the Radical Teacher web site for information about ensuring a blind review of your article.