CUNY Rising

A CUNY Rising Town Hall at Brooklyn Borough Hall is scheduled for Tue. Nov 22, 6 pm. It’s in support of the CUNY student Bill of Rights, see below. The CUNY Rising Alliance includes dozens of community and labor groups listed on the flier below. What we’re seeking to do is name the crisis of chronic defunding, first of all, and give students, alumni, and faculty a platform to address its impact. From James Davis

Teaching National Memory On the Anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks

At the Jersey shore over Labor Day Weekend, two newspaper items sparked my interest and raised questions. One was an announcement in the local free weekly of an event Remembering 9/11 at a branch of the public library.  No surprise there; what institution is missing the occasion to memorialize the events of that day?  But the description caught my eye: The program is designed for children. If they’re children, they don’t remember 9/11 anyway.  No one under age 10 was born yet.  The audacity of the project to provide children with pseudo-memories of an event they did not experience was Read More …