Harvard Administrators Seek to Change NLRB Rules

Before last fall, we asked you to sign a neutrality pledge and call on Harvard’s administration to be neutral in our union election. Thank you once again for standing up for our right to a free, fair election. Now that the Regional Director of the NLRB has ruled that Harvard administrators’ “failure to provide a complete Voter list interfered with the employees’ exercise of a free and reasoned choice,” administrators have appealed the Director’s order for a new election all the way to the federal Board in Washington, DC. We need your help again in holding the administration accountable to our community’s values.


On Friday, only two days after President Trump’s first appointee to the NLRB was confirmed, Harvard filed its appeal to the federal board. As the Regional Director writes, “In essence, the Employer seeks to change existing Board law.”Administrators are trying to change the national law, giving more leeway to employers in compiling voter lists, and weakening democratic protections at a moment when democratic protections everywhere are vulnerable.


We have drafted a petition that calls on Harvard administrators to drop this self-serving and nationally-destructive appeal. Hundreds of students, faculty members, and community members have signed on. We ask that you join us in calling on Harvard to drop this appeal and comply with the Regional Director’s order for a new election.


You can read more about the petition and sign it here.


Thank you,


Harvard Graduate Students Union – UAW Organizing Committee

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