Democracy Begins At Home

I just wrote how inspired I was by the mass movement in Egypt. In addition to bouquets of roses, I might add that we need to start organizing our own mass movement against the budget cuts being proposed both by Republicans (the harshest) and the Obama Adminstration- including such items as aid for home heating oil in one of the worst winters we have known, all in the phony name of “cutting the deficit.” Can we organize a giant, broad-based rally in D.C. under the simple rubric: “End the War in Afghanistan: Support Human Needs at Home” or something at that ilk? We could mobilize students, labor, poor people, parents of children with disabilities etc. to join us. We could use Facebook, Tweet, Twitter, whatever to make it really huge. I am no longer connected with any organized peace groups, and have found most of them too narrow in their outreach and focus. But maybe some of you younger folks out there know how to do it! I will certainly be happy to put my marching shoes on these arthritic feet and join you!

By Susan Jhirad

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