Call for Papers: Teaching Outside the Box

It’s not surprising that most of the articles reaching RT, however radical, concern teaching in conventional institutional contexts. This tilt reflects certain assumptions about teaching as a profession and the perceived legitimacy of standards, assessment, core curricula, and employability.  The assumption is that teaching that does not jump through certain hoops equated with substance and rigor is not as legitimate as teaching that occurs in “normative” contexts.  Not surprisingly, most formal teaching does take place in institutions from K-12 to college courses.

Still, in its 40+ years in print and now on-line, The Radical Teacher has published about teaching and learning that take place outside the conventional classroom, including several articles about teaching in union halls, in prisons and for those exiting them, in art and performance contexts, and most recently through archives. Such articles lent themselves to discussion of teaching that engages materials, projects and populations that exist outside the usual classroom context in the U.S. and elsewhere.

We invite you to contribute to a cluster of articles that will look at radical teaching and learning as they occur outside the box of conventional educational contexts.  The fact that these do not proceed through the usual for-credit mill and sometimes even occur outside a money economy does not and should not delegitimize them.  If anything, it may free them to fresh inquiry and pedagogy. Such learning situations might take the form of short term or occasional workshops or be longer.

Some possible topics to start you thinking:

  • work with military veterans, of the Vietnam generation and now of Iraq and Afghanistan
  • courses for seniors that include a political focus (e.g. Middle East history and politics, gender, etc.)
  • the teaching of children (and/or adults) in refugee camps
  • education for immigrants, refugees, and displaced people
  • labor union courses and workshops
  • education in sustainable farming in the US and abroad
  • hands on environmental education
  • alternative health education
  • sketch and improv political comedy workshops
  • community library as a site for teaching
  • writing workshops which focus on particular groups of participants, issues, or radical forms
  • radical home schooling
  • teaching for social change in protest sites and movements (e.g. Occupy, the Dakota pipeline protest)
  • on-line forms of radical teaching
  • historical accounts of earlier instances of teaching outside the box, in the U.S. or internationally
  • original poems about your experience teaching outside the box.

The deadline for submitting complete drafts is May 30, 2017. Queries, abstracts and proposals are welcome any time in advance of that date and should be directed to and Linda Dittmar ( Completed draft should be submitted electronically, following the Author Guidelines at  Prospective authors are also encouraged to familiarize themselves with Radical Teacher by reading the journal at: